Why Our Steaks Are a Cut Above the Rest
American Foods Group produces steak and beef products for food service operations of all sizes, from local restaurant owners to nationwide corporations. We have the experience and knowledge to provide products that will perform profitably for you.

Vertical integration means that we can control all aspects of product quality and safety from start to finish. Steaks are available in USDA Prime, Choice, Select, and Commercial grades. All of our steaks are hand selected and aged 21 to 28 days before being hand trimmed to your specifications. We have a complete HACCP system in place to ensure food safety, and nationwide shipping allows for quick order lead times.

All of our food service steaks are available fresh or frozen. American Foods Group has a spiral freezer that freezes steaks in only 38 minutes--so fast that they remain bright red and juicy when thawed, unlike steaks frozen in a regular blast freezer. Whether you purchase fresh or frozen steak from American Foods Group, you can count on a product that retains its quality, texture, and eye appeal.

In our Product Development Center we are able to customize steaks to meet your needs. All steaks are available with custom marinades and flavor profiles.